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Don’t believe the hype – was Chuck D right?

Is it just me , or are you sick of the never-ending hype in entertainment and the media? The endless superlatives where everything needs to the best or worst EVER!

From the Macgregor v Mayweather pantomime (so hyped that racist slurs are ignored), Jordan Spieth’s Open win hailed as the greatest (he has been written off for the last year) to Ed Sheeran hailed as a genius at Glastonbury.

I’ve always been sceptical of cultural hype and usually respond in the opposite way . In fact, I watched Lost years after it was the greatest thing on TV, to inevitable disappointment.

To an extent, this is all harmless and if hype can get someone to pay £2000 for a pair of trainers then more fool you!

But the impact on society of hyperbolic language, moral panics and deviance amplification goes much deeper. Our exaggerated fears about living in dangerous times, when all the evidence points to living in relatively safe and comfortable times.

For business, should we buy into the hype of social media influencers and digital marketing strategies? I’m open to admitting that this might be a generational thing. If Twitter and Facebook can blow the tiniest thing out of proportion in a negative way, it must be able to have a positive impact too.

But do I need to buy into hype to or will it all just lead to the 0-0 draw on Super Sunday after a week of Team America style montages without the irony.

The Premier League season hasn’t even started yet…..THE GREATEST LEAGUE IN THE WORLD EVER!!!!!!