A branded pen. How original!

hole in one challenge

You’ll have some on your desk right now. You won’t remember where you got it or won’t have any idea what that company does. It could be even worse, the branded cap! It doesn’t fit, was made a by a 7-year-old Vietnamese girl and has some app company logo on the front, that has already gone into liquidation.

It can be a reminder of that particular person or company, BUT, they had to stand out to you in the first place.

The promotional products industry is huge. There are a million and one items that can be branded for your staff, clients or potential clients at exhibitions.

So, if you’re spending thousands on your stand, why go cheap and pointless with promo gifts? As we have mentioned in previous blogs, this is all related to how your brand comes across. Like it or not, first impressions count.

A lot of money is spent on promo gifts that don’t relate to the message or brand. These often end up on the floor of the exhibition or forgotten in a desk drawer. If you want to give branded merchandise out as gifts, choose something relevant and memorable – and make sure you have professional marketing collateral to hand out with it, to jog the attendee’s memory later on.

If you’re giving something away, make it interesting or at least relevant to your brand. When we supplied a ‘hole in one challenge’ to EPM, they were giving away 6 months free of their online product. People wanted this and came back time and time again. It was useful to their business. EPM knew who was there and targeted them superbly. You can always give away a BIG prize, although the latest iPad often seems to be suspiciously won by John Smith, from Smith & Smiths, London!

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