A goal without a plan is a wish

This seems obvious but is often not clear. Why are you exhibiting? What do you want to achieve?

Being able to complete a myriad of goals can be complex. If you know your goals, you can then research and choose the right exhibition or trade show.

Is your target market at the event?

Our client Beyond Trust is excellent at choosing the right type of event. Depending on the type of event, their goals change, and they stick to the specific goal. We have worked with them purely on footfall and data capture, but also on creating a conversation with their target market.

If you’re looking to boost awareness, exhibitions can create a level playing field. You have the same amount of access to prospective customers as your larger competitors do, so make the most of it.

Take a look at our recent ‘Psychology of Colour‘ blog to help with the visual aspect and size of your stand. Creating a buzz on social media is also much easier with a vibrant and well-attended stand.

There are few situations more tense than the average outbound sales call. From the objections to the rejections and nervousness. At an exhibition, however, the atmosphere is different. According to research, almost half of trade show attendees make purchases at trade shows. Over 90% of all trade show attendees claim that shows are ‘very useful’ to their product and service sourcing efforts.

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