Are you bored at business exhibitions?

We’ve all been to business exhibitions and wondered why so many stands don’t engage with us. Not every product or service is the most exciting thing, but can be essential. We all have accountants, lawyers, phone providers etc, so how do they get you to start a conversation and get the all important data? Sweets? Pens? Stress balls? Or something more experiential?

At Putting Edge, we have found that there is a need for an accessible and simple activity that appeals to clients and exhibitors from all ages and abilities . Our pop up mini golf courses are hired to increase footfall and data capture by up to 400%. We can fit a course inside ANY stand size and it can be branded and customized to your needs.The need to stand out at an exhibition is increasingly more important.

With so many exhibitions coming up in Liverpool and Manchester , why not give it go or recommend to a connection.