Behind The Ball – The importance of Communcation and Collaboration

Without these two ingredients, corporate events are never going to work. Sometimes it might just be a few emails or calls when dealing with one person, but for the ASAP Conference, the conversations started in 2018.

What made the difference was Karen Taylor. The Operating and Systems manager for ASAP. She is a professional plate spinner with the patience of a saint.

With engagement at the forefront of the event, we ‘putt’ forward a concept that has worked several times. By using a 9-hole pop up mini-golf course, but rather than having this placed in a networking or wellness area, 9 different exhibitors had their own hole within their stand.

Once the exhibitors had signed up, the collaboration focused on designing 9 different branded holes. These needed fit within the theme of the conference where delegates and leads could play each hole They would enter a competition and get the opportunity to create a return on investment (Putt For Dough indeed!). Eventually, it was decided to go with simple flags and a blue course that suited the brands but still stood out in the venue.

Thanks to Karen’s precise info and attention to detail, we were able to design very specific holes due to the unique modular nature of our product that could be set up at etc venues within an hour at 6am before everyone showed up. So, on a dark December morning, we got to work on installing the course in a transformed co-working and conference space.

At the end of the 2 days, to everyone’s delight, they had ‘the best exhibitor engagement in 10 years of the conference.’ We are always happy to hear such great feedback with clients experiencing the benefits of an inclusive and engaging activity.

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