Health and Wellbeing Week at Preston’s College

workplace wellbeing

When it comes to support for health and wellness , there has been a significant increase in support and focus in both the corporate world and for students from primary school to university.
Preston’s College got in contact with Putting Edge to create a way for all their staff to have an opportunity to finish their Health and Wellbeing Week in a fun and interactive way.

Wellbeing in the workplace isn’t just a phase. Creating the right culture is essential in maintaining a happy and productive workforce.

It was a pleasure to give something back to a world I gave 13 years of my life to and it was by far the most I’ve laughed at event this year.

Here are some kind words from the Senior HR Officer
‘Our thanks to Putting Edge for our first Preston’s College Mini Golf Tournament organised as part of our Health and Wellbeing Week. Over 20 teams from across our College took part in the tournament and an exciting 4 team playoff finished the day. Our staff really enjoyed the opportunity to have fun with their colleagues and get slightly competitive!’