The St James’ Masters with Langtree

The St James' Masters in Warrington

The Challenge
As a multi-tenanted building, with a diverse range of businesses, the team at St James Business Centre are keen to create memorable events and engagement activities for their tenants. The team has often created events around notable celebrations and holidays during the year. This time they were looking to create something more interactive.

The Event
After discussing various options, it was agreed the best one was a 9-hole mini golf course to be situated in the business centre’s central atrium. This maximised footfall from the tenants in its surrounding offices. Teams from recruitment, finance, education through to construction businesses competed throughout the day for a place on the leaderboard to win a cash prize.

The Result
Around 70 tenants from across the business centre took part in the competition and the winner completed the course with an outstanding 12 under par. Both the St James Business Centre team and its tenants enjoyed a superb day, which was exceptionally managed by Putting Edge – Laura Moore, Building Manager, St James Business Centre.

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