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Pop up mini golf at the ASAP Conference
Corporate entertainment London co working space enjoying an interactive Christmas Party

A fun and entertaining way to create a buzz at your event

The future of events is in finding ways to enable and facilitate great conversations. When planning corporate entertainment, bringing employees and clients together to interact and communicate is essential. Our customisable mini golf courses are an ideal way to facilitate informal networking, or as a fun, relaxing breakout activity to break up a multi-day event.

If you’re looking to create a memorable event experience, mini golf is the perfect way to surprise your guests. We guarantee people will be talking about it for months to come – especially if they achieve that illusive hole in one!

Why mini golf works so well as corporate entertainment

  • Suitable for all - no golf experience required!
  • An ice-breaker - no more awkward ‘getting to know you’ conversations
  • Encourages delegates to learn together and work as a team
  • Builds relationships through informal communication
  • Builds coaching skills within the team
  • Creates a buzz in the room that will last throughout your event
  • Breaks down communication and cultural barriers
  • Interaction and achievement inspires social sharing

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Informal and interactive networking

Gone are the boring corporate golf days that exclude people with no sporting experience. Mini golf brings people out of their shell to bond as a team. It's a great option if your event involves people from different countries and cultures because it transcends language and cultural barriers.

Mini golf built to your unique specification

We will work closely with you and your venue to design a course to fit your space and requirements. Each of our mini golf courses is designed to your specification down to the very last detail. Our modular courses mean you can change virtually every aspect to meet your needs, including adding company branding.

Our enthusiastic team can be on hand to run your tournament from start to finish if required; the level support we provide is entirely up to you!

"Thank you for a fantastic event! I am delighted to say this has been the best engagement piece we have ever run." Executive Assistant - Amazon

For a taste of the live action and to see some of our modular course combinations, check out our You Tube channel Putting Edge videos