Does Size Matter?

Trustpilot Expo stand

As the old saying goes, ‘It’s not the size, it’s what you do with it’. However, for the vast majority of us when it comes to exhibiting, the size of the stand comes down to budget.

It can a big mistake to get a big stand or shell scheme with very basic graphics and lots of space. The chances are Tony and Clive from sales are going to be stood there in a big empty space looking like the furniture got lost on the M6.

It’s good to have space to show off the vibrancy of your stand. But if it’s too big, it appears that no one is interested. All style and no substance. The Charlie Big Potato Affect.

It can also be as detrimental to have a smaller space. Especially if it’s filled with tables, chairs and pointless freebies. This means there’s no space to talk to anyone and no one can see your branding and banners.

Take into consideration how many staff will be on the stand at any one time. Most people will stand and talk rather than sit down. The big sales don’t get done right there and then, but the big conversations do.

Every one of our custom and standard courses or holes are designed to fit inside a shell scheme or stand space. Everything can be styled to align with your theme or branding. It really is the best way to make your presence felt at a trade show or exhibition. Our friends at Be Exhibitions can help you with any size stand and your eco-friendly. sustainable needs.

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