“Don’t half-arse two things, whole arse one thing.” – Ron Swanson

This is Chen. She taught me a lot about patience and mindset in less than 15 minutes when playing mini golf at Vita Student

This wasn’t a Ted talk. Or a podcast. Or a mentor session. She worked on the pop-up food stand at an event we were hired for.

She didn’t know what mini golf was, never mind played a hole before. She was very eager to give it a go though. So I went through the scorecard and how the game worked and some basics about stance, grip etc before she chose a lucky colour ball.

And then I waited…

After about 30 seconds of her looking at the hole, I asked if she was ok and she nodded and smiled.

And I waited…

‘Do you want me to show you again?’ I said. She shook her head and smiled again.

And I waited..

Just before I was about to speak, she started to use the putter to create lines. It was a Par 3 hole but she wanted to know how to do it in one.

She spent the next two minutes rolling the ball against the barriers, looking at the angles and bounce. She stood aside and watched others play the hole, taking everything in.
Then she smiled, put the ball down, took her stance, soft backswing, contact, two bounce, hole in one…EAGLE!

She winked, said thank you and handed me back the putter before serving guests noodles.

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