Getting your stand staff right

Another succesful expo

Picking appropriate staff for the event and the audience is essential.

Many exhibitors use either a “hook” (someone or something who attracts people to your stand), or the “spotter” (who approaches people and brings them to the stand). If you have neither, just make sure your team remains active and friendly. A smile goes a long way, as does an offer.

Make sure you’re not on your phones, standing with your arms crossed or constantly drinking coffee! Body language is key.

Once you’ve created a great stand, don’t forget to tell people you’re going to be at a certain trade show. Upload information to your website. Send prospects and clients regular email updates in the weeks leading up to the show.

Join the event organisers’ marketing of the whole event, and work closely with them to increase publicity. Include the relevant hashtag on each post.
Get on your social platforms in the week building up and when you’re at the exhibition itself.

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