10 seconds can tell you a lot about your staff

Working together at Preston's College

Please take just 10 seconds to watch this video  and let us tell you a story.

Ok she didn’t make the putt. We’ve got a ton of videos where there is a close miss and the similar ‘ohhhh’ reaction, but there’s a story to this group.

Developing a team and integrating a new member of staff into your workplace is always difficult. Over the years I’ve seen a range of ideas from personalised gifts to a fun interrogation with random questions.

This particular group didn’t know each other that well and the woman in the video had a real confidence issue. Originally she didn’t want to play. There was a crowd watching from above and she felt under pressure.

So whilst they were waiting to start, we took her aside and showed her some basic tips on position, hold and had a few practice shots. She felt better but still nervous.

What you can tell from the video is how much each team member was helping with every shot. They worked out angles and although they had very different personalities, they found the best way to make things work.

So although she missed this particular ‘putt’, the rest of her team didn’t. This took them to the top of the leaderboard, and her round put them two clear with one hole to go.

So from a crisis of confidence to taking the lead with her new team.

And do you know how it all finished?…

They lost by one as one bloke hit in the hazard on the last shot and they came second by two. But they won in many ways…just not the actual prize.

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