I often get asked if I miss teaching ..

community vibes with mini golf at Vita Student

I often get asked if I miss teaching and my usual response is, ‘Not in any way, shape or form!’. However, those moments in teaching when a student ‘gets it’ are amazing, if few and far between.

Last week, four Iraqi mathematics students who were very shy about playing mini golf gave me one of those moments. One guy in particular.
At first, he didn’t want to play at all, happy to sit watching football on his phone. But when his three mates knew there was a competition, he joined in. The typical lads thing of wanting each other to do terribly kicked in right away, but after explaining it was team competition, things changed.

I explained a few tips and demonstrated a beginners way to putt and over the next two hours they played none stop, wanting to improve, find the angles, and keep topping the leaderboard.
Now this one guy wanted to know everything, the best technique to get the lowest possible score (followed by a consuming conversation about being ‘under par’). He improved dramatically and was the key to winning the First Street Masters at Vita Student.

The look on his face when he got a hole in one, reminded me of those moments teaching. But there was no marking, so win win!