O2 at The Scottish Business Expo

The Challenge

The vast majority of people at a business exhibitions are tied into their mobile contract. The challenge is to start the conversation in order to show a potential client the benefit of moving provider when that contract ends. Getting them to the stand is a challenge in itself but also increasing the time potential clients spend at our exhibition stand in order to gain data capture is another.

The Event

After seeing the focus of a couple of exhibitions focus on Putting Edge’s mini golf we discussed a way of creating a branded course for The Scottish Business Expo. Competition for footfall is heightened at larger expos so we decided to trial it over a few days

The Result

Our footfall and data capture increased significantly due to having potentials clients play the course, often on more than one occasion. This helped build up relationships over the two days which made follow up phone calls and correspondence much easier.

For a quote, get in touch here https://goo.gl/DDTnYu