Pointing in the right direction for sustainability

If you spend any time at the end of a corporate event, you’ll notice how much waste and plastic is left behind. A lot of branding and printing is very expensive, yet is left behind the minute the event ends. Can the answer be to upcycle?

As part of our commitment sustainability and an eco-friendly ethos, we are often allowed to take ‘leftovers’ from big events and upcycle them for use on our pop up mini golf courses and activations.
At an event in London, earlier the year, a variety of size ‘biofoam’ arrows were left all around the venue. The organisers allowed us to fill up the van at 1am after a rooftop event and the ideas started!

Mini golf is often about finding a line. Where exactly do you need to hit the ball? We have started to upcycle these arrows using spare material from custom courses and recovered with recycled plastic for clients.

We have used these at 3 of the last 4 exhibitions this month and no cost to the client! Get in touch with any ideas you may have on info@puttingedge.events or follow us on social media @puttingedgeltd

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