How Putting Edge Started

Customised obstacles for your social media content

I often get asked how Putting Edge started, so the start of our story…

Another dreary team building session on an INSET day.

Another meeting where I didn’t get to speak to who I wanted to.

Another situation seeing groups of friends who would rather scroll down through their phone than actually engage with each other.

Yet another wedding with awkward introductions and bored guests waiting for dinner and getting drunk by 2pm.

So I’m looking out of the window onto fields and then over a stunning golf course at a gorgeous wedding venue, wishing I was playing golf and then it hit me…everyone loves a bit of crazy or mini golf!

It takes people back to holidays and being a kid. For me, it makes me think of living in North Carolina and regularly visiting a huge mini golf course.

But it has to be different, no windmills, no Happy Gilmore references, something a bit more design focus, something pop up, something that would look great in a traditional golf clubhouse but in an office in the centre of Liverpool, Manchester, Chester…or anywhere really.

So I used some spare time to research to the possibilities. I was looking for something new after teaching for 13 years. I needed something different. A business that was mine and was flexible and adaptable to various markets.

So Putting Edge was born from wanting a business that was unique, versatile, adaptable and different. Our product is exactly that and has endless possibilities for branding. Every event can have a different design and be bespoke.

I best get practising my putting then!