The brand new retro putting game to play indoors

At Putting Edge we have been stuck indoors like you thinking of ways to putt.

When taking some time to reorganise the office, we came across some old photos from being in California in the last 1990's and it hit us! How can our clients and others still keeping putting from home, but interact? How can teams work together, but not be in the same or socially distance?

We found a photo of a shuffleboard template on a playground in Orange County, California. The simple game of getting a puck in a triangular section for points made me think ‘ShufflePutt’. It is so simple. A sticker or matt that can be played on any flat surface. Easy to socially distance and difficult enough to be competitive. Based around the retro concept of ‘shuffleboard’, the aim of the game is to land the golf ball in specific sections to gain points rather than the traditional hole.

How do you play ShufflePutt

  • Shuffleputt is played by either two players (singles play, one against one) or four (doubles, two against two).
  • It is played on any smooth surface with the ‘court’ size determined by the space available.
  • The court has scoring triangles at either end beyond which is a further 2m for players to stand whilst playing towards the other end.
  • The triangle is divided into point zones with 10 at the tip, nearest the players, then eight, then seven, the latter two with a central division creating a left and right area.
  • At the base of the triangle is the “10 OFF” penalty zone.

The aim of the game

Players alternate putts with the aim of getting as many into the scoring zones as possible. Scores are counted only after all eight (four each) balls have been shot and the puck must be wholly inside the scoring zone to register – those touching the line do not count.If a player’s ball is on the 10 OFF line then the player receives a five point penalty.

Players also lose 10 points if they putt the ball off the court, including if touching the side line. The winner is the first to reach 75 points, or the player with the highest score after 10 complete rounds, whichever comes first. If both players or sides reach 75 on the same turn then the player with the highest score shall be the winner.

The easy to apply sticker (60cm x 70cm) is ready to play in seconds. With endless colour options you can buy standard, limited edition and custom prints (email for personalised options)

“'ShufflePutt doesn’t just help with accuracy but is a fab competitive game for all the family.'

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