Tag: Employee engagement

10 seconds can tell you a lot about your staff

Please take just 10 seconds to watch this video  and let us tell you a story. Ok she didn’t make the putt. We’ve got a ton of videos where there is a close miss and the similar ‘ohhhh’ reaction, but there’s a story to this group. Developing a team and integrating a new member of […]

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Adidas Workplace Culture – Confidence, Collaboration and Creativity

As part of a series of blogs and interviews with the biggest brands in the world, I had the privilege of spending the morning at Adidas UK HQ  to discuss workplace culture. Everything about the discussion came back to the core values of Adidas. The clear message is embedded in all aspects of the work […]

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Are you bored at business exhibitions?

We’ve all been to business exhibitions and wondered why so many stands don’t engage with us. Not every product or service is the most exciting thing, but can be essential. We all have accountants, lawyers, phone providers etc, so how do they get you to start a conversation and get the all important data? Sweets? […]

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