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Pointing in the right direction for sustainability

If you spend any time at the end of a corporate event, you’ll notice how much waste and plastic is left behind. A lot of branding and printing is very expensive, yet is left behind the minute the event ends. Can the answer be to upcycle? As part of our commitment sustainability and an eco-friendly […]

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“Don’t half-arse two things, whole arse one thing.” – Ron Swanson

This is Chen. She taught me a lot about patience and mindset in less than 15 minutes when playing mini golf at Vita Student This wasn’t a Ted talk. Or a podcast. Or a mentor session. She worked on the pop-up food stand at an event we were hired for. She didn’t know what mini […]

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Are you bored at business exhibitions?

We’ve all been to business exhibitions and wondered why so many stands don’t engage with us. Not every product or service is the most exciting thing, but can be essential. We all have accountants, lawyers, phone providers etc, so how do they get you to start a conversation and get the all important data? Sweets? […]

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