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It starts off as ‘just a bit of fun’. But within minutes of the first shot, the atmosphere changes – let the competition begin!

Choose mini golf for your team building activity to fulfil all your employee engagement objectives. Mini golf brings people together, develops coaching and listening skills, and builds colleague confidence and trust. Did we mention it’s super fun and exciting too!

Why mini-golf makes for successful team building

  • Appeals to a broad demographic
  • Encourages communication, builds trust and respect
  • Builds problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Learning through experience
  • Employees work together, have fun and build friendships
  • A safe environment – no need to get muddy!
  • Competitive element increases motivation

Looking to achieve something different from your activity?

We can design a mini golf course to meet all your team-building objectives. Perhaps you’d like to encourage leadership skills, introduce an element of jeopardy, or even a surprise task.

This is exactly the kind of challenge we thrive on! Tell us what you want from your team building and we’ll design a course to help you achieve your objectives.

Our courses can also form part of a bigger event with team scores carried forward to a final activity. We can customise every element of the course to fit with the style, format and theme of your event, down to the flags, scorecards and pencils. If you need extra support, our team of professional mini golfers will show your employees the basics and share their top tips.

Tips for team building success

Anyone can play mini golf. But to be successful there are a few different ways to make sure your team performs to the best of their ability. Read our five top tips for team building success, courtesy of our happy clients.

“Thank you for a fantastic event! Brilliant to see the teamwork and fun people had, and of course, to see that healthy competitive streak. Huge thanks – look forward to working with you again.”
Hannah Moody, Amazon

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