The past can inspire the future.

New product Shuffleputt out soon

I’ve never been one for nostalgia and looking to the past. The idea that your best days were 20 years ago seems so strange to me. But like you, I’ve had more time on my hands over the last couple of months.

As the events industry started to close in February due to COVID-19, 45 bookings went down to zero in a matter of weeks. Fun, face to face, team building events weren’t exactly at the forefront of people’s minds. Rightly so.

So by taking some time to reorganise some old boxes and files, I came across a ton of photos from my time living in working in the USA. I’d spent a lot of time taking landscape photos, from the stunning to the depressing, the amazing to the abandoned. (@charcoalgraze on Instagram)

Then it hit me, how can our clients and others still keeping putting from home, but interact? How can teams work together, but not be in the same room or socially distance?
I found a photo of a shuffleboard template (middle photo) in a playground in Orange County, California.

The simple game of getting a puck in a triangular section for points made me think ‘ShufflePutt’. It is so simple. A sticker or matt that can be played on any flat surface. Easy to socially distance and difficult enough to be competitive.

Based on the retro concept of ‘shuffleboard’, the aim of the game is to land the golf ball in specific sections to gain points rather than the traditional hole.
This can be played on your own, with and against family and friends or with teams/other competitors via video conferencing.

Every ShufflePutt template can be branded and personalised to suit a theme with prices starting at £35. All you need to play is the sticker, a putter and 3 golf balls (these can all be purchased if required). Email for more info or subscribe her to our mailing list