The Psychology of Colour

Carl Jung stated that “colours are the mother tongue of the subconscious.”

Colour plays a prominent role in our lives. They influence our thinking, inspire our decision making and impact our moods and emotions. From causing changes to changing reactions, colours are very powerful. Depending on our interpretations, they can be used both positively and negatively.

Colour is very important in branding and marketing because it is where first impressions of customers are based. In a study called “Impact of colour in marketing” it showed that 90% of customers’ product judgments are based on colour alone. Another study titled “Exciting red and competent blue” also revealed that the purchasing intent of customers is greatly affected by the brand colour. This is because the colour speaks for the brand’s identity and personality.

Other studies also revealed that the human brain prefers brands that are recognizable. This makes the brand colour all the more important.
When exhibiting, the first focus is on the brand colour. How prominently does it need to be? Have you considered the brands surrounding you and their previous exhibitions stands?

Unless your brand is iconic and globally known (Coca Cola for instance) then the colours and graphic design used might be more about saying something that just being red and white because your logo is these colours.

Take some time to research the psychology of colour and what you want to put out there. We recommend our friends at The Binary Box and Studio Dotto to help you get the visuals you are looking for.

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