The sun will come out tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that..

No matter how hot it gets, you can still play

I think we all can’t quite believe how long the good weather is lasting and it made me think about how our society would change if this was the norm.
We generally seem to be in a better mood when the sun is out, we feel more relaxed and get on with our colleagues and clients more.

However, if the weather was like this for months, would we still talk about the weather? Would we get bored of barbeques? Would men take there tops off but still wear jeans at the slightest sign of sun?

What about the fake tan industry? Would Pimms take over from Carling? Would we be more likely to take up outdoor sports than going to a gym indoors?

When we think about the lifestyles of our neighbours in Italy, Spain and Portugal, would this suit the national psyche or would we just have a moan about the heat rather than the rain?

From our recent events, the sunshine has made some of our clients change their plans from indoor to outdoor events. So from rooftops in Manchester, conferences in Nottingham, mezzanines in Lancashire , stately homes in Cheshire and co-working spaces in London , we’ve brought out our most vivid and neon colours, almost as if to recreate a Rowntree’s fruit pastille ice lolly.

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