Adidas Workplace Culture – Confidence, Collaboration and Creativity

workplace culture at Adidas

As part of a series of blogs and interviews with the biggest brands in the world, I had the privilege of spending the morning at Adidas UK HQ  to discuss workplace culture.

Everything about the discussion came back to the core values of Adidas. The clear message is embedded in all aspects of the work that is done and throughout a diverse and vibrant workforce.
Confidence, Collaboration and Creativity. The values create a workplace culture that has its mission statement at the heart of everything they do, to be the BEST in the world.

They are willing to take risks, to try new things and if they fail, then this is part of their learning. It helps improvements in innovation. Winning as one team takes open and candid dialogue, inclusiveness and trust in each other’s abilities and talents.

The workplace itself is classic and minimalist. There’s no need for over the top ‘inspirational’ quotes on the wall. They believe in leading, not copying. Being the best wasn’t about being the ‘biggest, most lucrative or most hyped. They don’t profess to have all the answers. But are striving to be better every day in the work they do and their commitment to wellness and the environment.

Unlike many brands, the 400 strong workplace has high levels of retention with employees having 20-year careers spanning the globe. There is a host of sporting and athletic resources in house, often used as meeting spaces to continue the creative collaborations without a rigid structure and hierarchy. Encouraging independence, opportunities to fail and evaluate in a supportive environment came across almost immediately.

The most impressive aspect of the workplace culture at Adidas is how transferrable to the culture is to any business and I saw a lot of what I hope to achieve at Putting Edge.